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Tax Levy & Tax Rate
Tax Levy- 2016-2017 Information
The approved 2017 budget includes a specific dollar tax levy for the Village to meet its operating and capital needs for the upcoming year. In 2016 the total levy was $6,790,300 an  increase of 1.33% or $89,430 from 2015 plus the TIF-allocated levy of $238,938 for a total of $7,029,238. The Village levy includes $1,425,000 for capital charges to MMSD (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District).  The district charges the Village annually a capital charge to support the district infrastructure based on Village property values.

Tax Rate
Property tax bill preparation and collection is handled by the Village Clerk / Deputy Treasurer. The tax levy approved in the Village budget is applied to the Village’s total assessed value of property to determine a tax rate per $1,000. Total assessed value of property in the Village for the 2016 levy (property assessment as of January 1, 2016) was $1,076,574,700.

The tax rate for the December 2016 bill (collected for 2017 operations) is $7,029,238/ ($1,076,474,700/ $1,000) = $6.530.  Below is additional information.

Tax Bill Information

Tax Rate and Fee Summary